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HG Merz: An exhibition in Berlin

When it comes to designing exhibitions and renovating listed buildings, the name and work of HG Merz stand for distinctive design which is always adapted sensitively to its location. From the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart to the Abbey Lorsch UNESCO World Heritage Site, HG Merz’ international team and network of architects get right to the heart of the matter, developing specific solutions based on the given circumstances. An idea which connects much of Merz’ work is that of DIY. Merz is also known for renovating some of Berlin’s most iconic buildings, including the former GDR State Council Building, the Alte Nationalgalerie, Ludwig Leo’s Circulation Tank 2, the National Library and the State Opera House. The Architektur Galerie Berlin is currently hosting an exhibition entitled HG Merz The Savage Mind. Open until 19 October 2019, this exhibition offers a fascinating insight into the mind, methods and work of HG Merz.

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