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Mars, the earth’s neighbouring planet, has not only encouraged countless escapist fantasies in recent years but also gifted space travel with new research goals. The design studio House of van Schneider has created a visual identity for the 2020 NASA Mars mission. In their words, the logo and branding were developed to capture “the energy and legacy of space travel”. The occasion for the design was the launch of the NASA robot “Perseverance”, which was sent to Mars on 30 July 2020 to look for evidence of there once being life on the planet. The logo consists of three parts: a red colour-block circle, a white geometric form made up of unevenly stacked blocks to stand for the Mars rover, and a white star to represent what the earth would look like from the red planet. The simple, flat design ensures that it can be applied in all sizes across both digital platforms and physical formats, such as the Rover itself and the rocket, without compromising on clarity. It is also featured on NASA products such as badges and key cards, the latter of which are printed with a simplified, embossed version of the logo without its circular backdrop.

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