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Brands must keep developing, since target markets, industries, consumption patterns and values do change. Such development can be done in one large step with a brand relaunch. These three examples show that the motivation and circumstances for a brand relaunch can vary considerably.

Transformed working world: the relaunch of König + Neurath

The era of the classic office has passed and ideas such as open offices, agile work and flexible furnishing, as well as spatial concepts and well-being at the workplace have been shaping the new world of work for some time now. Furniture manufacturer König + Neurath also had to respond to this transformation and did so with an extensive brand relaunch.

At the core of the relaunch was “designing work cultures” – a “major” theme that was new and special to König + Neurath and could be used for a clear point of differentiation from competitors. Interior design, acoustics, technology, health and well-being became an organic whole through the idea of “work culture” and have offered the König + Neurath brand an inspiring range of topics for communication since the relaunch. The relaunch saw the development of brand codes and the creation of a new, distinguishing corporate design with a high recognition factor. A tool was also created in the form of Work.Culture.Map (site in German only), with which businesses can explore their own work culture. Altogether it was a very large and bold step for the family-run company König + Neurath, and one that paid off. The positive outcomes of the relaunch can still be felt internally to this day. The experts also acclaimed the relaunch: König + Neurath received the “Gold” distinction in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation | Brand Strategy” at the German Brand Awards 2019.

© König + Neurath AG

Scout 24: a new design for new viewing habits

The Scout24 brand is an umbrella for brands such as AutoScout24, ImmobilienScout24 as well as JobScout24. ImmobilienScout24, one of the brand’s two largest consumer services, has been able to build up a strong position in the market, whereas AutoScout24 was placing second among its competitors in Germany despite leading at European level. This was one of many reasons for the Scout24 brand to review the status quo. The market had changed throughout the company’s 20-year history, however Scout24 had not. Media consumption patterns and the viewing habits of modern users in particular were no longer in sync with the brand’s classic, slightly outdated appearance. It lacked a clearly understood and practised brand position. The brand relaunch also set its sights on the functional, if somewhat unemotional, design.

© Scout24
© ImmoScout24

A focus was put on market leadership and differentiation from competitors as part of the relaunch. In addition, the brand aimed to put its customers visibly at the centre and simplify usage internally as well as externally through a flexible design system. The relaunch made it clear in the entire look and feel that Scout24 makes the lives of its customers easier. A new brand code was created in the course of the relaunch, using fresh colours to underscore, encircle and mark out in the style of a highlighter pen. Scout24 successfully communicated its relaunch to the outside world with one of the largest advertising campaigns in the company’s history.

CWS Boco: creating clarity with a brand relaunch

CWS Boco fundamentally restructured itself as a company following a joint venture with Initial. To replace the previous decentralised, country-level organisational structures, a decision was made in favour of a transnational matrix structure to allow a view of the “bigger picture”. A decision was also made to relaunch the brand as part of the restructuring. The brand lacked a consistent identity and customer-friendly clarity in its product and service offering. The aim of the relaunch was to create a new appearance, a strong umbrella brand and customer-focused labels for better orientation. The new umbrella brand now represents a bonding element for the six labels, that is, solution categories. Prior to the relaunch there were 20 individual brands. The brand name, which was already established in the market, remained with the relaunch, though a new interpretation was added to it. Its slogan now goes “CWS – Clean. Well. Safe.” – in keeping with the new, sharpened identity. Accordingly, the relaunch also clearly emphasises the brand’s purpose, which receives further emphasis with “For a healthier and safer tomorrow”.

CWS – Clean. Well. Safe.
© CWS-boco

CWS also implemented the new identity in its corporate design, with each of the six labels being given its own colour code; the umbrella CWS brand is red. For the internal implementation, use was made of training sessions, workshops, giveaways and “brand dress days” where workers dressed in the colours of “their” label. CWS Boco grew into a strong brand with its relaunch and also created a new feeling of “us” among its employees. Furthermore, the brand puts a focus on internal brand ambassadors, i.e. employees who consciously live and convey the brand inwardly and outwardly.

The brand relaunch: an opportunity for genuine change

Restarting offers true opportunities, including for brands. The spectrum is wide: from logo adjustments to a comprehensive brand relaunch where products and services can also be reconsidered and developed. In all cases, however, a brand relaunch offers the potential to create lasting change internally too – when employees are convincingly “sold” on the idea.

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