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In two steps: Ikea wants to gradually say goodbye to plastic packaging.
Ikea says goodbye to plastic in sales packaging by 2028, © Photo IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

Something is happening with packaging waste. At Ikea, much of whose furniture has to be unpacked, assembled and set up at home or in the office, the often ingenious packaging has always been part of the concept. Now the Swedish company has announced that it wants to get rid of plastic in its sales packaging in two steps. First, the packaging for new assortments is to be designed plastic-free by 2025. After that, plastic packaging is also to disappear from the existing assortment by 2028.

In recent years, the company has already significantly reduced the amount of plastic used in its packaging solutions. According to Ikea, less than 10% of the total packaging materials used annually are made of plastic. These, too, are now to be gradually replaced by renewable or recycled materials. At the same time, the company wants to drive the development of innovative packaging solutions made from renewable and recycled materials. “Moving away from plastic in our sales packaging will undoubtedly be a challenge in the coming years. With our initiative, we aim to drive innovation in packaging and use our scale and reach to make a positive impact in the industry beyond our supply chain,” says Maja Kjellberg, Packaging Development Leader at IKEA in Sweden. Ikea spends more than one billion euros annually on around 920,000 tonnes of packaging material. In the food range, Ikea will continue to use plastic packaging for quality and food safety reasons, but in the future it will come from renewable or recycled sources.

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