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The construction of buildings using 3D printing processes is reaching ever greater dimensions. Together with Peri 3D Construction and Heidelberg Materials, the Kraus Group is currently realising the largest building ever constructed in Europe using this innovative construction method on the Campbell conversion site in Heidelberg. Peri 3D Construction provides the know-how for the 3D printing process and creates the vertical elements of the future IT server hotel with its “COBOD BOD2 3D construction printer”. The building, which is approximately 54 metres long, eleven metres wide and nine metres high, is to be constructed within 140 printing hours and completed by the end of July. A special architecture was especially designed on the basis of parametric design, whose wave-like wall structures can be implemented by the 3D printer. The material used in printing is reportedly 100% recyclable and comes from Heidelberg Materials. In addition, the company says, the 3D-printed concrete contains a binder with about 55% CO₂ reduction compared to a pure Portland cement. “As a city of science,” says Mayor Eckart Würzner, “Heidelberg has always offered a space for new ideas. With Europe’s largest printed building, a great innovation is being created on the city’s Campbell conversion site that is groundbreaking for the construction industry”.

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