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Innovative products from emerging designers. The Mia Seeger Prize 2019

The Mia Seeger Prize – with its 2019 slogan “Was mehr als einem nützt” (“Benefiting more than just one person”) – has been supporting innovative work by emerging designers for many years. And now the winners for 2019 have been named. Again this year, all of the projects aim to provide solutions that are a direct response to people – improving their everyday lives or solving their pressing problems. This applies equally for the less prominent areas of design, which are by no means less important. For example, it is worth noting that the Mia Seeger Prize also hosts projects from the lesser known field of medical design. This year two prizes, each worth 3000 euros, were awarded to David Rieche from the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel for his “Dolosal” project, a non-invasive tool for people with borderline personality disorders; and to Nils Körner and Patrick Henry Nagel from the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design for “The One Dollar Glasses”, a set of tools and materials for producing low-cost glasses in developing countries. Though all of the nominated projects are worth a look – including a “Food Safety Station”, and a directional microphone with an app to support hearing. The Mia Seeger Prize is sponsored by the German Design Council.

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