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The Box, © Living Packets

In times of social distancing and repeated lockdowns, the first thing that booms is online shopping. The consequences can be seen in such things as the growing volumes of waste caused by disposable packaging and various delivery materials. Moreover, some parcels arrive damaged while others do not even arrive at all. The company Living Packets is seeking to change this with “The Box” and prevent up to 90% of packaging waste. Its intelligent packaging was also developed to offer e-commerce companies and their customers a new delivery experience. The robust and fully recyclable mailing box comes fitted with an internal camera, scales, electronic address field and tracking software, along with sensors to gauge temperature, humidity and physical impacts. Needless to say, the box’s features allow the parcel’s journey to be tracked seamlessly. If the system takes hold, “The Box” could indeed have the potential to make online shopping secure, sustainable and convenient.

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