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We want to enjoy freedom and keep moving. And our living spaces should be able to reflect that – living in motion with adaptable interior design that is homely and inviting.

By hicklvesting.

Humans were born to wander. And they are becoming increasingly mobile: On the one hand, the world of work makes higher demands on flexibility, which goes hand in hand with a more frequent change of residence. On the other hand, thanks to digitalisation, the winter is being bridged by remote working in the sun in more southern climes. What used to be an avant-garde of digital nomads has now established itself as a lifestyle in large parts of the population. Especially within one’s own four walls, life has become more adaptable. In the home office, the dining table becomes the work table during the day, the living room becomes the children’s room. At the same time, classic role relationships and partnerships are being extended and enriched by alternative ideas. Last but not least, we want to accommodate our friends from all over the world in style.

This trend, fed by several developments in recent years, means that design objects are also becoming more hybrid: Functions are combined, stationary becomes transportable, assembly and disassembly is faster and easier, and the design of objects becomes more universal and adaptable to different contexts.

Zero by Alegre Design is a modular space management system that stands in the right place everywhere with its simple appearance. Flexibly combinable, it functions as a shelf, desk or wardrobe in the office, shop, living room, bedroom or children’s room. With the simple plug-in method, it can be assembled without the use of complicated tools, and the height of the various storage modules, shelves and coat rails can be easily adjusted.

Bavul is a multifunctional upholstered object. In its basic form, Bavul is a simple couch whose three upholstered surfaces are fixed by straps placed at the ends. If the latter are loosened, Bavul is quickly transformed into a bed with high comfort standards. The upholstery and straps are available in different colours and can be combined in a multitude of ways.

We also want to have our favourite objects with us during our leisure time. The qu outdoor lamp from IP44 is battery-operated and prolongs (not only) balmy summer nights with a pleasantly warm light. With the hook, it can be mounted on the wall in seconds or can be hung in trees, under veranda or balcony ceilings with the rope. Thanks to the 3-fold touch dimmer, it creates the right mood – whether at home, in the garden, at the lake or on the way there.

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior distinguish highlights of interior design and make industry trends visible. In 2022, some outstanding examples of smart technology were awarded:

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