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Gira System 106 flächenbündig
Gira System 106 flächenbündig. © Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges that are being met with innovative technology: Smart technology has become a valuable aid to our social interaction.

By hicklvesting.

SanTRAL® Plus
SanTRAL® Plus. © OPHARDT Hygiene-Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Unlike in previous centuries, humanity today can rely on innovative digital support to make life easier in a pandemic: Professional meetings and private events largely take place via videoconferencing, online delivery services and mail-order companies provide basic food and goods, and the digital range of entertainment media is reaching new heights. Industrial and product design and our furnishings are also becoming increasingly smart. Through the use of sensors or remote control via apps, electronic services, internet-based programmes and real-time control via cloud computing, social distancing measures can be observed and infection risks minimised. Touchless controls and the active cleaning of the environment around us promote hygiene and well-being – more than that: they become a basic requirement for social interaction.

With Ikona Maxxi Pure, Elica combines several hygienic functions for a pleasant, healthy room climate. It combines a cooker bonnet and air purifier in one appliance. The elegant, tapered object not only eliminates unpleasant odours and vapours during cooking, but also completely renews the room air, alleviates allergic symptoms and possible discomfort caused by internal pollutants. Essential for the well-being of the room: Ikona Maxxi Pure functions completely silently.

The GRANDIS E kitchen tap from SCHELL offers touch-free, sensor-controlled hygiene and a wide range of settings. Thanks to safe flushing of the hot and cold water pipes, it also supports drinking water hygiene. For public and commercial areas, there are networkable, electronic fittings – controllable with the SWS water management system.

OPHARDT uses smart technology for its SanTRAL® Plus hygiene products. The intelligent soap, toilet paper and paper towel dispensers as well as hygienic waste receptacless offer fill level and activation control in real time. In addition to a visual display, the information is also transmitted to the network via WiFi and can thus be monitored centrally. This saves working time and protects the staff.

With the RS11, VOLA proves that even hygienic everyday products do not have to compromise on design. The dispenser for disinfectant gel, foam and liquid soap is so elegant that it fits naturally into all areas of upscale hospitality.

The System 106 from Gira is a modular and flexible door communication solution. Gira’s product line is formally restrained in its design, nothing serves as a pure end in itself: the smart home has come of age.

The ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior distinguish highlights of interior design and make industry trends visible. In 2022, some outstanding examples of smart technology were awarded:

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