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Internal Branding: Employees as brand ambassadors

How do you establish your corporate vision? How do you inspire your employees? And which internal branding measures are particularly useful for developing your brand inwardly?  On the occasion of the German Brand Convention 2019, Christian Rummel from Deutsche Bank and Stefan Mauer from KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland will discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by internal branding.

Christian Rummel talks about the immense challenges that arise from the sheer size of the Deutsche Bank group, and about the company’s Intranet as a forum for employees to discuss issues among each other. Stefan Mauer cites the example of how employee workshops, training sessions, «how to» videos and podcasts have helped to embed the Japanese company’s corporate philosophy in its international subsidiaries.

Click here to view the whole discussion about internal branding (in German)

Video der German Brand Convention 2019

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