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James Dyson Award 2020 launched

Every era has its own challenges. The more complex the circumstances become, the stronger the need for creative and innovative solutions that can actually be brought to fruition. The James Dyson Award started in 2005 for this reason, with the aim of finding practical answers to the particularly urgent questions of our era using design and engineering. In 2020, the James Dyson Award will again be calling on students and young graduates of engineering, product design and industrial design around the world to take part in this endeavour. This year will also see the first-ever presentation of a second award concentrating on the issue of sustainability. The competition first takes place at a national level, with the winners from each country then entering the international competition. The prize money offered as well as the media attention generated by the award make it very appealing to participants and their universities. The submission deadline for proposals is 16 July 2020. A launch video for the James Dyson Award 2020 is available for those seeking an initial impression of what it is about.

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