Kahla/Thüringen Porzellan: the good news and the bad

Kahla/Thuringia porcelain is one of only a few examples of a company which became a model for success following the German reunification. The person responsible for this is Günther Raithel, who took over the company in 1994 and transformed it into one of the most innovative porcelain brands. From the outset, he saw design as a central factor in his concept, working together with designer Barbara Schmidt, who redefined dining and table culture with her designs and concepts. Tableware International Magazine has now given Günther Raithel their Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of this. Just a short while later, it was revealed that Kahla/Thüringen Porzellan GmbH, which has been managed by Holger Raithel since 2005, had to file for insolvency. The porcelain industry in Germany has been battling for survival for many years now. The failure of a major project is now said to be responsible for Kahla’s precarious position. The company will restructure under its own management. Its order books look healthy, and managing partner Holger Raithel believes the company is well placed to face this challenge. Its goal is to be able to keep all 250 employees.

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