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Laura Rohloff
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According to a statement from the Design Zentrum Hamburg, Frances Uckermann has announced her departure from the center. As the new director, Laura Rohloff will be “responsible for the conceptual orientation and positioning of the Design Zentrum” with immediate effect. Before Laura Rohloff joined the Design Zentrum Hamburg, she had successfully managed the Creative Future Academy for Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft. The qualification program specifically supports the growth of the creative industries through the further development of digital business models. Prior to that, Rohloff worked in various communications agencies and publishing houses. As a management consultant at the Bucerius Kunst Forum, she implemented various projects and events – accompanying the respective exhibition program.

It is not only the management of the Design Zentrum Hamburg that is new. Since the beginning of the year, there has also been an advisory board. “Together with visionary design agencies and companies,” a statement reads, “we want to continuously strengthen the visibility and importance of the design industry and its actors* in the advisory board. The goal is to go beyond our programs and events to initiate dialogue among designers*, universities and business and to establish the Design Zentrum as a citizen-friendly ideas space for the city of Hamburg.” The advisory board includes: diffferent GmbH, Design Factory International, ReDo, Peter Schmidt Group, INDEED Innovation GmbH, PAGE, LIGALUX GmbH, Studio Oeding GmbH, MUTABOR Design GmbH, EIGA Design GbR, design for human nature GmbH, Teams Design Hamburg GmbH, Design3 GmbH.

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