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Let’s take a leaf from Scandinavia’s book: The Nordic Report 02

It seems that Scandinavia is the ideal role model for us in many areas. Whether we are talking about design, architecture, sustainability or how to lead a happy and fulfilled life, Nordic countries continue to provide sound initiatives from which others can learn. This is also true of The Nordic Report 02, which will be presented in Stockholm on 5 February 2020. In the “Sustainordic” project, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway are rallying together with their respective design centres to ensure that their countries will meet the UN’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goal 12, on the 2030 agenda, in the area of sustainable production and consumption. These days, we can’t talk about sustainability and climate neutrality without mentioning design. The themes and recommendations in the Nordic Report also show that design can play a significant role. Once it has been published, the report will be available to order – or to download as a PDF, as a greener alternative. The Nordic Report 01 from 2018 is also still available.

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