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Light in products: functional – aesthetic – emotional

Light provides orientation, creates atmosphere, offers comfort and makes a good highlight. It makes intuitive operation easier, facilitates communication and shapes identity. In a world of increasingly complex, multifunctional products, light aids the development of solutions that are more useful, beautiful and customisable. Light adds value functionally and gives products an emotional dimension.

What is especially remarkable is the combination of the more practical aspects of usage with the aspects of emotion and special aesthetics that light gives to a product. One excellent example of this is the Grohe Blue Home tap. The feedback it provides through coloured light makes it easy and intuitive to operate its integrated water carbonation function. This solution simultaneously allows for a sleek, modern design that characterises the tap’s aesthetics, even though it also possesses an array of functions. You can find more examples of innovative use of light in product design as well as current trade show dates and much more information on this subject at MENTOR.

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