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Live like a Bosch? Admittedly, a special taste is needed for the humour in the company’s advertisement for the internet of things (IoT). Whether IoT hero Shawn is discovering the correct connections in his own home, in vehicles or in Industry 4.0, or living and working “like a Bosch” (parodying “Like a Boss”), it could soon be time for the campaign’s main character to retire from his role. According to the wishes of Volkmar Denner, Chief Executive Officer of Robert Bosch, the campaign will in the future turn to sustainable products and the company’s efforts to become climate-neutral. A W&V report says that Shawn will be joined by a young female associate who will readily challenge him to a rap battle. Boris Dolkhani, Vice President Brand Management and Marketing Communication at Bosch, says on the matter, “The battle against climate change requires a huge effort and cannot be waged alone. Consumers can do their part with sustainable Bosch products, and the corporation is setting a good example through its progress, and these are the key messages of our new campaign.” However, a character such as Shawn could seem somewhat out of place when it comes to climate protection. “We know what Shawn is all about. We also know that even the most successful concept always needs fresh ideas to stay interesting. In this respect, we are very excited to have found the perfect sidekick for Shawn for the sustainability theme,” emphasises David Leinweber, Group Creative Director, Jung von Matt Next/Alster.

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