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In cooperation with Tesco as its British retail partner, the “zero-waste” shopping platform Loop has officially launched its pilot e-commerce programme for the UK. Customers can order a wide range of products in long-life, refillable packaging through Loop, including drinks, sauces, yogurt, shampoo, soaps, moisturiser, toothpaste and detergent. When customers order from the platform, they pay a deposit on each container that is refunded in full on its return. Customers can have their empty containers picked up from home, bring them back in person or drop them off at one of 2,500 DPD depots across the entire UK. The packaging and reusable tote are sorted and professionally cleaned based on strict health and safety standards so that each product can be safely refilled by the manufacturer. Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of Loop and TerraCycle, said, “Loop was designed from the ground up to reinvent the way we consume by leveraging the sustainable, circular milkman model of yesterday with the convenience of e-commerce.” Loop was announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2019 and emerged from a partnership between consumer goods companies and TerraCycle, an international recycling company. A German launch is in the planning stages.

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