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As shown by a current study conducted by Cambridge University in conjunction with the international data and analytics group YouGov, the label “Made in Germany” still engenders a positive product image. As part of the international initiative YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Projects a representative sample of people from 23 countries were asked how they perceived products that were made in a particular country. A total of 12 manufacturing countries were included. In the overall comparison, products from Germany took first place in the consumer rankings worldwide. On average, half of all those surveyed had a positive impression, and only 6 percent a negative impression of products from Germany. This resulted in an overall impression of +45 points for products that are “made in Germany”. Goods from Italy took second place, with a net score of +38 points, followed by the United Kingdom and France with +34 points each. Japanese products took fifth place (+33), followed by Canada (+33), the United States (+29) and the Netherlands (+27). China came last in the consumer rankings (-29). Fifteen percent of those surveyed rated “made in China” products positively, but 44 percent had a negative opinion of goods produced in China.

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