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MCBW 2023

Under the annual motto “Why disruption unleashes creativity,” designers from the fields of design and architecture, companies, and visitors will spend nine days in May 2023 at the munich creative business week addressing the relationship between change and creativity. The mcbw has long been a platform for those who are motivated by change, because it enables interactions, encourages interdisciplinary exchange, and inspires through a variety of events, exhibitions, discussions, and initiatives held throughout Munich. This year’s disruptive motto contains the focus topics “thinking differently”, “revitalising disruptions”, “crossover works” and “using disruption”.

A special mcbw highlight will be the mcbw talk&connect2023 on 08.05.2023 at the Munich Urban Colab. Together with internationally renowned speakers, the mcbw talk format will look for answers to the question of how disruption can spark creativity. What happens after a disruption, how do we deal with drastic changes and how does something new emerge from past and current upheavals in our society – what role does design play here?

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