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Monotype Type Trends Report 2023
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Monotype Studio’s Type Trends Report was released this year The comprehensive guide for 2023, which focuses on technology, branding, and inclusivity, aims to provide readers a peek of what creative work will look like in the future. The study looked at how typeface development is being impacted by the state of the world today. Ten patterns in all were found, according to the business, and they demonstrate “that visual identity and digital touchpoints have become even more crucial for brands.” The report’s analysis of the trends helps to connect “brands and their environments through innovative typography, especially on the digital level,” while also giving readers “a view of a design culture that is developing at an astonishing speed.”

The Monotype Type Trends Report 2023 highlights the following developments: The “Superhero” trend demonstrates that after the pandemic, the globe is ready for some lightheartedness once more. Playing with contours and shadows might result in them being perspective-tilted, distorted, or bent. Superhero design is “explosive in shape and color” and has “happy, joyful comic book vibes,” maybe influenced by the “global appeal and abundance of comic book movies.” On the other hand, “super sober” frequently appeared in plain, centered, black and white. A serene, general appearance that draws the most attention to the remaining text elements, logos, or symbols is provided by the liberal use of white space. A “further evolution and expansion of the style mix trend from previous year” is “match maker.” The “smart grid” combines art and science by being built “on a grid structure cleverly broken by quarter or half circles.” Since screens not only permit movement, but demand it, “Flux” relies on moving changeable fonts and icons, he claimed. He stated that “fluid design” is “ready for AR and VR.” Terrance Weinzierl, creative type director at Monotype, remarked that ”type paves the road for us to express thoughts about technology and trends.” “Our report offers a thoughtful collection of intriguing and motivating work. The ten trends show how our way of life affects the design of type.”

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