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Designers are just as much at home with technology as they are with aesthetics, culture, materials science and much more. Design has therefore become integral in the age of digitisation and global networking of the latest value-added processes. Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule Mobile University of Technology describes itself as an innovative interdisciplinary university of technology. Its core subjects are engineering, computer science, engineering management and technology management, as well as energy and environmental technology and process engineering. As a distance learning university, it offers an opportunity for working people in particular to study for a degree alongside their jobs.

The university has offered technology-focused degree courses from the start and is now also adding related design-oriented courses to its programme for the first time. With its new concept, the university wants to transfer the scientific and artistic aspects of the Design department to distance learning, which will open up design studies to people who were previously unable to pursue these due to their work or family commitments. The new Design department will offer a collection of appealing bachelor’s degrees with interesting options for further study. According to Alexander Luckow, the acting inaugural dean of the planned department, the university will offer degree courses such as communication design, industrial design and mobility design, as well as design for inclusion.

The standard length of the degrees is six semesters. A university entrance qualification is required for admission to the distance learning courses, which can also be obtained through a university entrance exam at Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule. To demonstrate their suitability for design-oriented degrees, prospective students must also present a portfolio as part of the admission process.

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