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Die NASA hat neue Raumanzüge für ihre kommende Mondmission Artemis III vorgestellt.
The final version will probably be white: the AxEMU, prototype of the Artemis III spacesuit. © Axiom Space

Designing equipment that must endure the extreme conditions of space is a special challenge. Space suits, for example, must ensure astronauts’ safety during outdoor trips. NASA introduced new spacesuits for the upcoming Artemis III mission during an event at the Space Center in Houston, Texas. Axiom Space’s Moonwalker spacesuits will be worn by the first astronauts who land near the South Pole to explore the moon. “NASA’s collaboration with Axiom is critical to landing astronauts on the moon and maintaining American leadership in space.” “Axiom’s next-generation spacesuits will not only put the first woman on the moon, but will also give more people than ever before the opportunity to explore and investigate,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

The spacesuit, called „Axiom Extravehicular Mobility Unit“ (AxEMU), is said to be based on NASA designs. It relies on the latest developments in technology, better mobility, and more protection against the dangers on the moon. The AxEMU was built on the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU), which advanced the design of spacesuits for different destinations. Axiom Space designed and developed the AxEMU using the xEMU’s knowledge, expertise, and data. This included technological advancements, training, astronaut feedback on comfort and maneuverability, as well as compatibility with other NASA systems. The spacesuit, which is suitable for a broad range of crew members, will now be tested in a space-like environment.

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