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Nxt Museum is the first museum in the Netherlands which claims to be dedicated to the art of the future. The institution is founded on the idea of presenting the media art of today and tomorrow. It also commissions art installations created by artists, designers, technologists and scientists working together. Established by marketing expert Merel van Helsdingen and designer Natasha Greenhalgh, the museum can only be visited in person and focuses on immersive and multisensory effects. To enable the exhibitions to shed a new light on the world, visitors are confronted with monumental screens in “black boxes” or can immerse themselves in 360-degree projections.

In an interview, Natasha Greenhalgh describes Nxt Museum as a vehicle through which visitors can express, experience and explore themselves. She says that the artworks themselves are able to connect with people at an emotional level on account of their scale and the fact that they are multisensory. Curated by Bogomir Doringer and Jesse Damiani, the opening exhibition, “Shifting Proximities”, consists of eight interactive works and aims to explore human experience and interaction in the face of technological and social change.

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