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Paper not plastic: innovative disposable packaging for a range of food

A new solution for portion packs has been created with the TPU paper-form, fill and seal machine from Syntegon Technology (formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) and the 3D formable FibreForm® paper from BillerudKorsnäs. In this new process, the machine produces environmentally friendly shaped paper pods that hold a volume of 10 to 100 millilitres. The FibreForm paper is shaped with compressed air and press force. Heat-sealing technology can also be used to seal the shaped pods with any lid materials. “We achieved a perfect match of technology and material for scalable packaging solutions, which creates a unique sensory experience for brand and customer interactions,” says Matthias Klauser, Sustainability Expert at Syntegon Technology. The process is ideal for product samples, inserts, refills, portion packs and disposable packaging. Simon Johansson, Project Manager at Swedish-based BillerudKorsnäs explains that FibreForm is “an alternative where plastic has been the norm”. He reports that the new packaging system is ideal for individual portion packs and products that would usually be packed in blisters. In addition to cosmetics or samples, the paper pods can be used to package dry, chunky or viscous food thanks to a thin barrier layer. Be it spreads, margarine, biscuits or Advent calendars in paper trays – the new technology offers a broad range of concepts for sustainable packaging.

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