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It can make ten pizzas at the same time: In Paris, the robot Pazzi plays the pizza maker.
© Pazzi Robotics

The zeitgeist likes robots, even if the relationship between humans and their machines still needs further clarification. The fact that love for machines apparently also goes through the stomach is proven by a simple robot that has been at work in front of the pizza oven in Paris for a few months. Pazzi, the name of the robot and the restaurant chain that rhymes with pizza, rolls out the dough, toppings it as desired and according to taste with salami, funghi, prosciutto or à la Quattro Stagione, and pushes the dish into the oven. He then slices and wraps it when it is done baking. According to its inventor Sebastien Roverso, the three-armed robot, which looks anything but anthropomorphic, is even able to create a perfect pizza if the dough is too sticky, for example. Pazzi can make up to ten pizzas at the same time, they say. Eighty an hour, if he doesn’t run out of ingredients and dough. The dough, like the recipes for the pizzas, comes from three-time pizza world champion Thierry Graffagnino. Will the pizzaiolo, the traditional pizza maker, have to be counted among the endangered species in future if Pizza by Pazzi becomes the norm? In any case, Roverso hopes to sell more models of the 500,000-euro Pazzi.

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