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Rido Busse, © BUSSE Design+Engineering GmbH

People in design I – Anniversary: 60 years of Busse design

Rido Busse, one of the first graduates from the HfG Ulm, founded his own design studio, Busse Design, in that same city in 1959. Innumerable products by Rido Busse and his team have since found their way into our homes, including the Soehnle scales and the classic mixing bowl, as well as bread slicers, lawn mowers and electrical appliances. The Busse design studio is also an expert partner for the design of machines and special vehicles in the capital goods industry. In 1977 Rido Busse created “Plagiarius”, a critical “award” for particularly bold imitation products. The Plagiarius initiative continues to this day, and is still successfully raising awareness and showcasing the problem of plagiarism. Busse Design, with its four departments: product design, interface design, construction and prototype construction, has prided itself for 60 years on being a design studio that takes a holistic approach to product development. Congratulations are in order! To mark the anniversary, from 18 September to 23 October 2019 the Design Center Baden-Württemberg will be presenting the exhibition Original vs. Plagiat (Original vs. Plagiarism), featuring examples from various industries.

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