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People in design: David Chipperfield is 2020 guest editor of Domus

The internationally renowned architecture magazine Domus began breathing additional life into its content with guest editors two years ago. As part of the project 10x10x10, 10 guest editors will be involved in the conception of the magazine for 10 issues each, over the course of 10 years. Following Michele De Lucchi (2018) and Winy Maas (2019), the 2020 edition of the magazine will be overseen by British architect David Chipperfield. The publication, which has been in print since 1928, is one of the most important sources in the world for up to the minute discussions in architecture, design and art. As early as his university days the magazine served as an important source of inspiration for the cosmopolitan David Chipperfield  for engaging in intellectual debates within his own discipline – but always with a view for the world beyond the confines of architecture. The British architect wants his edition of the magazine to focus thematically on the role of the architect today.

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