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People in design: Obituary – Gerd Bulthaup dies aged 75

For decades the name Bulthaup has stood for functional and elegant kitchen design which transforms the kitchen into a place where we not only cook, but where we also spend time with one another in comfort. Gerd Bulthaup (1944–2019) had been at the helm of this family-owned business since 1978, and it was he who pioneered an entirely new way of looking at the kitchen, removing it from its isolated position in the home. In collaboration with designer Otl Aicher, Bulthaup brought his vision to life: the kitchen was transformed into a place of community, and cooking became a part of domestic life and a social and cultural act which was celebrated on a daily basis. Today, central kitchen islands are a matter of course – but in the 1980s they were revolutionary. With his bold dedication to innovation, Bulthaup established his brand on a global level. The company enjoyed its first taste of international success with the “engineered” Concept 12 (C12) model, and then continued to expand. For his accomplishments, Gerd Bulthaup was awarded the “German Design Award Personality” prize by the German Design Council in 2014.

Andrej Kupetz’ article from 2014, republished here, gives us the opportunity to once again look back and admire the work of Gerd Bulthaup.

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