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Hochparterre has always been a special company. All employees receive the same pay, they all get educational leave, and all company shares are employee-owned. But one question has always remained unanswered: What would happen if co-founder, chief editor and publisher Köbi Gantenbein were to leave? Now, with the introduction of “HP 4.0”, this question has been answered: the company has reinvented itself – all without the boss. With Gantenbein’s now very real departure from the company as chief editor, Hochparterre is now headed by a team of three: Lilia Glanzmann, Werner Huber and Agnes Schmid. But according to Gantenbein, he’s not quite finished: “I will continue writing about landscaping, the Alps and whatever else comes my way. I will continue to handle all sorts of company business. For the time being, I will retain the majority of company shares and will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and company publisher — and I will continue to do so as long as I have my health, as long as the people at Hochparterre continue to support me, and as long as I still have the imagination and the desire to do so. I now have more time to read, time to spend in the mountains and time to play the clarinet.”  

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