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The "Most Beautiful German Books" Competition 2023
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The competition “The Best German Book Design”, which dates back to 1929, is one of the first in the industry and has been in the hands of the Stiftung Buchkunst since its foundation in 1966. Launched against the backdrop of the industrialisation of book production with the aim of promoting book design and production, the competition takes on a new significance in the age of digitalisation. “In order,” it says, “to be able to take on a contour beyond the production and design scene as a source of impetus for outstanding design and exemplary workmanship”, the competition takes place “at a more streamlined rhythm” and has been “communicated more intensively for some years now with the involvement of the book trade and the press”. Interest, according to the foundation, is therefore increasing, as is the number of entrants. New exhibition venues also make it possible to view the award-winning books at home and abroad.

Now the Stiftung Buchkunst is inviting entries for the competition “The Best German Book Design 2023” (link in German) and the “Promotional Prize for Young Book Design 2023”. The competition is aimed at publishers, book designers and the producing companies. New publications published between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023 can be submitted; the deadline for entries is 31 March. Afterwards, two expert juries will select the most beautiful books of the year in a multi-stage process. The quality of the book is judged in terms of design, conception and processing. A total of 25 books will be awarded – five books in each of five categories. These are also nominated for the “Prize of the Stiftung Buchkunst”, which is endowed with 10,000 euros.

The “Promotional Prize for Young Book Design” also wants to “detect extraordinary, new ideas for printed books or hybrid book forms – and thus developments in the medium of book design – and make visible book impulses for tomorrow as well as quality concepts of today”. Student works, the foundation says, are welcome. If the submitted book has a regional reference, there is also the possibility to enter the competition “Germany’s most beautiful regional book” at the same time with the entry form. Conditions of participation and registration form are available on the Foundation’s website.

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