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“Every research is different”, Helge Aszmoneit states right at the beginning of the conversation with Dr Jonas Rehn-Groenendijk. The podcast in the series “Healthy Design” (podcast is in German) is worth listening to and deals in detail with questions about research in design, especially the not always easy relationship between scientific and design research.

Helge Aszmoneit studied librarianship. Since 1987, she has been in charge of the library of the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main as well as the Information Services department. For many years, she has extended her tasks as a librarian – the development of the collection, its formal and content-related indexing – by communicating the diverse content to all those interested in design. Due to her rich experience and her immense knowledge of the history and present of design processes, acquired over decades, she is predestined to help designers with their research. She knows obvious but also remote sources, supports research, informs and advises on internal and external enquiries. At design colleges, she also imparts her knowledge in seminars, lectures and teaching assignments on the topics of “design history” and “research in design”.

The lively conversation with Helge Aszmoneit, which is as entertaining as it is instructive, accordingly revolves around how to find and procure thematically appropriate literature, how to acquire knowledge and how to manage it in a goal-oriented manner. In short, how designers can substantiate and inform a design through research and knowledge – and where difficulties lurk in the process. The audience will learn about evidence-based design, the balance between effort and benefit, the difference between a spontaneous-intuitive and a strictly scientific approach, about passion as a drive and economic interests in designing. Strategies, individual preferences in research – but also the surprisingly innovative power of historical sources are discussed. Or, as Helge Aszmoneit puts it: “Design doesn’t become obsolete so quickly”.

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