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SCHIRN MAGAZINE, Podcast Creativity, © Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt 2020, Illustration: Shenja Tatschke

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt has been releasing art to listen to once a month since 2015 – the first German podcast by an art institution ever. Everyone thinks that artists, designers and so-called creatives are creative, though the meaning behind the magic word “creativity” is not always clear. That is why Schirn Mag is examining the phenomenon in its current series of podcasts. Editor Marthe Lisson has surveyed various experts and guided them along to insightful findings in order to shine a light on different aspects of the subject.

Creative coach and communication designer Christian Weber, for example, pursues topical questions, ideas and scientific findings and explains what creativity really means and when and why we are particularly creative. Psychologist and author Sarah Battey clearly demonstrates how creativity influences our mood and helps improve the good things in life instead of fixing the bad. The well-known brain researcher and neurophysiologist Wolf Singer talks about what happens in our brain when we are creative, and AI expert Alois Krtil spells out whether machines can be creative and whether artificial intelligence could even replace humans.

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