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In April 2018, the exhibition of the winning products of the ‘ein&zwanzig’ Newcomer Award for products from the interior and product design sector took place during the Tortona Design Week in Milan.

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, the German Design Council was showcasing the 21 up and coming talents in the newcomer competition called ‘ein&zwanzig’ (German for “21”). They had the opportunity to present their work to a broad public and to make contacts in the industry. Of 736 projects that were submitted from 60 countries from the fields of interior design and lifestyle, 21 individuals received awards. The exhibition opening and awards ceremony took place on 16 April in the Tortona Design District, which is also a hubbub of design excitement during Milan Design Week.

Sofia Souidi received the Best of Best award for her Gradient lamp. She recently received a master’s degree in product design from the Royal College of Art in London and is now living in Berlin. The inspiration for her submission was natural sunlight whose colour and intensity change according to the time of day, the weather and the environment. Souidi’s Gradient lamp takes its cue from these changes, in that it changes colour from time to time and the intensity of the light varies according to the amount of incident sunlight.

Exhibition design by Nina Bruun

This year the design consultant and trend expert Nina Bruun developed the design concept for the international competition for up and coming young designers ‘ein&zwanzig’. The main theme of this year’s event is “reflections”. In selecting the materials for the event, Bruun laid particular emphasis on surface design and the high-impact interplay between matte and glossy.

“My aim is to create a pulsing visual world, a young and modern universe – one that takes the viewer by surprise right from the get-to and draws her into the exhibit’s orbit,” Bruun says. “It’s important for me to showcase these up and coming young product designers and their work in a manner that reflects their creativity and their striving for design quality.”

What the winners say

Being part of this and meeting so many designers is a wonderful experience, because for us designers it’s genuinely important to have a strong network.

Maike Gebker, Coburg University, winner 2018

I also consider it as a great opportunity for all participants to be allowed to exhibit here in Milan. To display your own products to the world and just to receive feedback.

Robin Kuhnle, June-Noa Fabregas, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, winner 2018

Students and graduates can take part in the competition. Further information can be found at: www.ein-und-zwanzig.de

Pictures © Daniel Banner. Source: German Design Council.

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