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What types of prototypes exist? Image: Berny Meyer
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In addition to initial idea sketches and drafts, prototypes are both an essential part of the design process and communication tools that have an impact on the further development of products. Nowadays, technologies such as 3D printing make it quite easy to create functional prototypes quickly and inexpensively. Prototypes, as the announcement for the special exhibition “Prototypes – It’s Worth a Try”, which the Frankfurt Museum für Kommunikation is showing from 16 November to 14 April 2024, states, “are created wherever ideas leave heads and become ‘tangible'”. The show, which was previously on display at the Deutsche Museum’s branch in Nürnberg, focuses on processes of creation: Where do ideas come from? How are they realised? And why does it hurt when they have to be discarded again? Many people associate the term prototype with product development in industry. But prototypes are also created in open workshops, design studios and so-called “makerspaces”, in living rooms, basements and garages. Prototypes always open eyes, change perspectives and help to make possibilities visible, to explore and to implement them.

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