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The company Redefine MeatTM has developed plant-based meat from the 3D printer.
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There is growing concern among many people about whether the global meat industry will be able to meet the needs of the growing world population in a sustainable way. Alongside critical climate policy issues, there are growing concerns about factory farming and changing attitudes towards animal welfare. The Israeli company Redefine Meat TM therefore offers a plant-based alternative that is supposedly indistinguishable from high-quality animal meat. Since its inception in 2018, Redefine Meat TM has developed a patent-pending 3D meat printing technology. According to the company, the process is said to be able to accurately replicate the texture, taste and flavour of beef and other high-quality meat products. The meat substitute is based on purely plant-based ingredients. All Redefine Meat products are developed with the help of the world’s most respected butchers, meat experts and chefs. This is to ensure that customers can “enjoy the same culinary experience as in the best restaurants in the world”.

Redefine Meat TM has been selling its products under the label “New Meat” since summer 2021 in Israel (among others in the restaurant chain R2M) and increasingly also in Europe. In addition to the Redefine Burger, the range now also includes sausages, kebabs, minced meat and lamb and beef nut. A barbecue skewer and minute steak have been announced. Redefine’s customers also include the canteens of Facebook, Google and Apple. As demand for alternative proteins increases, the company plans to use fresh capital to build a new factory in the Netherlands to reach 5,000 locations in Europe by the end of this year, with a focus on the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, according to a report by online magazine Cleanthinking (in german).

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