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Recycling packaging is one option, but it can also be reused. NIVEA and the health and beauty retailer dm are now offering their customers the option of refilling the NIVEA Creme Soft and NIVEA Creme Sensitive shower creams themselves up to three times at three stores in Germany and the NIVEA Houses. Specially developed refill points are available for this purpose. The first phase of the project is scheduled to last for six to eight months. During the test phase, customers are being asked to replace their bottles after the third refill so that the containers can be tested for quality and hygiene standards. In return, they receive a new bottle and a refill free of charge.

“With this collaborative approach, we can gather the experience we need to find out which solutions designed to promote a circular economy are sensible and workable,” says Iain Holding, general manager of Beiersdorf Germany/Switzerland. Beiersdorf signed the “Global Plastic Pledge” in May 2020 and stated that all of its packaging would be refillable, reusable or recyclable by 2025. Furthermore, the company aims to increase the percentage of recycled material in its plastic packaging to 30% and cut the quantity of virgin, petroleum-based plastic used by 50%. By the end of 2020, Beiersdorf will also switch 90% of all PET bottles in Europe to recycled plastic (rPET).

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