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Concept Car by BASF and Citroen
The Citroën concept car oli [all-ë] was designed with BASF materials, some of which are used in radically new contexts, © BASF

“… not fast, not luxurious, not heavy” – this is how the project partners BASF and Citroen condense the essence of their jointly developed concept car oli (all-ë). By deliberately doing without everything that currently makes a car attractive, everything was done to develop an alternative design. BASF was able to bring in various materials from its product portfolio that allow for the lowest possible and most sustainable use of materials, while still allowing the designers at Citroën a high degree of design freedom. And they did without features in the car that people have anyway, such as a mobile phone or portable loudspeaker boxes, which can simply be “clicked” into the vehicle. Renunciation and reduction certainly have a role model at Citroën: the 2CV, which became a cult after all.

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