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Richard Lampert hat sein Unternehmen an die Labelfarm Gruppe verkauft.
Richard Lampert
Michael Groth

Richard Lampert established his design company in Stuttgart in 1993 with the goal of industrially producing furniture and other utilitarian objects that combine quality craftsmanship, design standards, and sustainability. The company’s collection, which is constantly being expanded with a keen eye, includes classics by designers such as Egon Eiermann, Herbert Hirche, and Paul Schneider-Esleben, as well as current, multiple award-winning design icons and innovative – mostly unconventional – designs by international designers. In doing so, Lampert has always followed the design claim: “As little as possible, as much as necessary, but with finesse”. He did not display any easily confused mass-produced items. Lampert’s programme does not fall into any of the usual categories and insists on excellent design and unique charm, whether it be rediscovered classics, furniture for indoors and outdoors, for large and small, for home or office.

As part of a succession plan, the Labelfarm Group (smow) acquired the Richard Lampert company in early February. According to the information, the goal is to keep the Richard Lampert company running independently in Stuttgart. “It was very important to me to know that my company would be in experienced hands in the future and that it would not become part of a large international group. Maintaining this unique vision will be critical for me in the future, as will remaining a reliable partner for my long-term customers,” Lampert explained.

Michael Groth will take over as CEO of the company. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and brings the necessary experience in all areas to lead the company forward: “Maintaining Richard Lampert’s values and relevance in the market, carefully expanding the brand and collection, and continuing to develop international markets are my motivations for accepting this one-of-a-kind opportunity. All of this with a small team and, as I value it, being close, trustable, and direct with the customer “Michael Groth elaborated. Lampert continues to serve as an advisor to the company. The 70th anniversary of Egon Eiermann’s table and the 30th anniversary of Richard Lampert’s company are both celebrated this year.

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