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Visitors walking through the wormhole jump gate in Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination, © Science Museum Group

Whether in the form of a book, a film or a television series, science fiction stories have always spurred inventors, scientists and designers to make real what the imagination has imagined for the future. With “Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination”, the London Science Museum offers its most ambitious exhibition to date, placing visitors at the centre of an interactive story. Through more than 70 objects, the museum says, “fascinating connections can be discovered between major scientific innovations and famous works of science fiction, brought together for the first time in the UK”.

Specifically, the show, which can be marvelled at until 4 March 2023, features classic science fiction literature as well as sets and props from famous films and TV movies in which distant worlds and new life forms are imagined. The spectrum ranges from a costume of Lieutenant Uhura from “Star Trek” to the Dalek from “Doctor Who” to a Darth Vader helmet from the “Star Wars” episode “The Empire Strikes Back” as well as contemporary artworks exploring alternative visions of the future for humanity.

It was designed by award-winning creative studio Framestore in collaboration with P&P Projects, curated by the Science Museum Group. The result is an immersive experience aboard an alien spaceship with an AI guide and a specially created alien language. During the journey through the cosmos, it says, you can be transported to an unexplored world and catch a glimpse of planet Earth. Sir Ian Blatchford, Director and Chief Executive of the Science Museum Group, said: “Science fiction invites us all to be explorers, to travel through time and space, pondering the deepest existential question there is: What makes us human? Our ambitious exhibition is unlike any other, and I can’t wait for visitors to join us on this immersive and interactive journey through the extraordinary worlds of science fiction and scientific discovery.” The show will be accompanied by a series of live science fiction-themed events, including Astronight sleepovers for children, panel discussions and live music. Exhibition curator Glyn Morgan has also published an accompanying book and explains what visitors can expect in a video introduction.

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