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Shaping Society! Social Sustainability through Design

Participation, self-determination, equal opportunities and social cohesion through design: at this year’s edition of “Shaping Society”, which will take place on December 12 in Frankfurt am Main, speakers from a wide range of disciplines will share their practical experiences. Caroline Günther will focus on inclusive architecture, Tanja Godlewsky will talk about gender issues in design, Kai Rosenstein will present socially motivated projects, Juliane Kühr will use her work to develop a model for self-empowerment for single and queer people and Barbara Lersch will talk about polarizing projects in public spaces.
Further information about the program and the speakers are available here!

The presentations will open the door to exchange and discussion, to which all participants are cordially invited.
A livestream will enable online participation and offer the opportunity to join in via chat!

Shaping Society! Social Sustainability through Design
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Haus am Dom, Frankfurt a. M.
On site & in the live stream free of charge
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