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Sneakers. An exhibition in Lausanne

Originally a sports shoe, since the 1980s they have sneaked into our everyday lives as a fashion accessory for almost every occasion. Sneakers. Once worn by those who were protesting against the so-called establishment, thanks to musicians and other celebrities they have long since become a cult object. In Lausanne, the mudac Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts will be presenting the Sneaker Collab exhibition, in collaboration with Swisssneaks, until 26 January 2020. The exhibition focuses on how this shoe came to develop its iconic significance, and how through the release of special editions it has even become a luxury product. However, given the current debate on sustainability, this begs the question as to why a whole lot of shaped plastic continues to generate such hype. A World Sneaker Championship was recently held, and even the Design Museum in London has announced plans to present a tribute to this clothing accessory in 2020.

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