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State of Extremes. Exhibition in Israel.

Ten years have passed since the Design Museum Holon in Israel first opened its doors in the building designed by Ron Arad, to present the exhibition “State of Things”. By now the museum’s importance as a venue for exhibiting and presenting current design developments has grown to extend beyond Israel’s borders. To mark its anniversary, the museum has decided to host an exhibition entitled “State of Extremes”. In the discourse on current issues, encompassing climate change and much more, modern media often fuels division by disseminating polarizing ideologies, resentments and extreme political positions. At the same time, science, technology and human imagination are opening up new possibilities for investigating what is fake and what is natural, and what having a “normal” life actually means. What seems extreme today could become routine before we know it. The current exhibition, which is running until 9 May, looks at the challenges of time against the backdrop of creative and artistic possibilities and explores the responsibilities that come with such possibilities, since we need to respond to extreme developments in this area as well.

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