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Tangerine has presented a design concept for a new type of metro train. It is intended to help increase rail travel capacity and raise passenger numbers in a post-Covid-19 world by improving trust in the provision of hygienic and safe metro travel. The concept, named Metamorphosis, aims to allow operators to plan for future pandemics better by letting them adapt the train’s interior to minimise the risk of virus transmission.

An adaptable carriage interior with relocatable screens will form part of this, dividing the carriage space into smaller zones or “travel bubbles” in times of pandemic. Flexible seating increases privacy and minimises the risk of infection since passengers can choose whether they wish to sit or stand. A filter system ensures a constant exchange of air, while a contactless hygiene station for hand disinfection and a QR code on display in the carriage makes it possible for passengers to scan their trip.

Traffic-light-style coloured illumination around the doors and passenger information displayed on-screen and projected onto the platform make it easier to board and disembark while keeping the correct distance. By establishing a balance between passenger safety and maintaining rail operations, the concept seeks to ensure that operators remain profitable in times of high as well as low demand.

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