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Textiles with an intricate design that are cushioning, absorbent, light and simultaneously self-supporting. As contradictory as that may sound, Juliette Berthonneau, from France, proves that that does not have to be the case with her Bouncing Patterns project. Selected from among a total of 1,035 entries by design students and graduates across the world, Berthonneau was presented with the Best of Best award, the highest distinction in the ein&zwanzig competition for new design talent. What is so special about her textile work?

Her work Bouncing Patterns encompasses 3D textiles featuring absorbent, cushioning and self-supporting properties. The multilayered, hollow structure can be transformed in a myriad of ways, giving the innovative fabric a versatile range of applications.

Poetry meets functionality

The textile installation impressed the jury with an intricate and poetic design statement, coupled with high functionality in use. The pleated textiles, known as spacer fabrics, are light and rigid, yet flexible, thanks to their multilayered, hollow structure. As textile panels, they can form sculptures and, moreover, they can provide solutions for acoustic issues or be used for thermal insulation or as upholstery material. The shapes that they take vary freely, allowing self-supporting, agile objects be transformed through pleating or pressure treatment.

‘My goal from the outset was to question the traditional idea of a flat weave,’ says Juliette Berthonneau, Best of Best awardee and a master’s graduate from the Swedish School of Textiles.

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