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Invitation to the Huddle: The 50th anniversary of the founding of BMW M GmbH.
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“The M,” says Franciscus van Meel, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH, “has long been considered the strongest letter in the world, and in our company’s anniversary year it is stronger than ever before.” Although the 50th anniversary of the founding of BMW M GmbH is not until 24 May, the celebrations already began at the end of February with the presentation of a film in which various vehicles created under the M sports label, together with their drivers, come together for a huddle. Engines howl through the night, tail lights flash, the M logo shines in the light of the headlights: the image film “Huddle Speech”, conceived by Serviceplan Hamburg and produced by Sterntag Film GmbH, uses M models to stage what is familiar from team sports: players form a circle (or “huddle”) to reinforce their strategy and motivate and cheer each other on. The film, says a BMW press release, shows “in a very emotional way what the international BMW M community is all about”. No matter how different the vehicles and their people are, they all love “the palpitations and goose bumps that every BMW M triggers”. What united them was “the passion for the special attitude to life that comes with being a driver of a BMW M”. They all felt: “We are M”. Do all customers like the fact that the emotionally charged pictures of the nightly meeting look like a date for an illegal street race?

“We want,” says Timo Resch, Head of Customer, Brand, Sales at BMW M GmbH, “to celebrate with all our fans, with our international community, so we have surprises in store for all communication channels, all year round. We are really looking forward to it.” The recently unveiled “BMW Motorsport Anniversary Emblem” is one of them. The claim “We are M”, created especially for the anniversary year, stands for “everything that was and will be”. The claim shows “the sentiment of the campaign”, but also how “extremely multifaceted” BMW M is: from the “M1 Procar to an i4 M50 to the XM Concept”, the brand is defined “by a veritable fireworks display of vehicles”. What they have in common, despite all their diversity, “is this main characteristic of being BMW M. And thus always different, individual and edgy”.

The 50 Years campaign is primarily played out on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and is divided into four chapters, one for each quarter. While the first chapter, the “Huddle Speech”, heralds the basic theme of 50 years of BMW M, the second will be dominated by motorsport history. The third chapter focuses on electrification, and the fourth will focus on the unique lifestyle. A variety of spectacular new vehicles will also be presented during the year and a look will be taken at past campaigns such as “Only in M Town”.

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