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The Hygiene Hand. A product that can help us at many points in our everyday lives

We carry many more or less practical things around with us in our pockets, handbags and backpacks day in, day out, revealing a lot about ourselves, our background, our gender, our social status and much more. Our personal objects that weigh down our bags include watches, wallets, make-up bags and holders stuffed with credit and other cards as well as creams, sunglasses and all manner of odds and ends. Personalised smartphones together with matching accessories long ago became an extension of our bodies, while water bottles and reusable cups act as mobile sustenance stations for urban nomads. According to reports from the World Design Organisation (WDO), there may now be a clever tool coming in these coronavirus times to change the way we touch things. Made of aluminium and shaped not unlike a key, the Hygiene Hand fits in any bag and on any key ring and promises germ-free contact with door handles, light switches, lift call buttons and ATM and ticket machine keypads. The holder can even sign an electronic signature pad with it. For whatever needs to be touched, pressed or activated, this little object replaces the human hand, preventing contact with surfaces that tend to be populated by microbes. It could be good that this replacement for the finger or hand soon finds its way into every bag as a Swiss army knife for the pandemic.

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