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Bioplastik, Japanese Knotweed (leaf), © Materiom

For billions of years, both on land and in water, plants and animals have evolved to make materials with a particular set of components that other organisms know how to source, use, break down and use again. The Materials Library from the Materiom platform provides open-source formulas and data for materials made from abundant biomass that can be locally sourced. The formulas use green chemistry methods and nutrients such as sugars, proteins, fats and common minerals – making the produced materials biodegradable by design. The idea behind this is for the open-source knowledge to accelerate the development of materials and break down the barriers for using natural and sustainable materials in materials markets all over the world.

To aid the development of local supply chains for biomaterials, Materiom collaborates with companies, cities and communities and supports them in creating and selecting materials from local sources that are part of a regenerative circular economy. The properties of the materials are measured scientifically, so they can be compared to other materials on the market. The data can also be used to identify new materials as sustainable alternatives for product design. The formulas are contributed by an international community of designers, scientists, engineers and artists.

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