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"neuland" competition for young talent will be launched again in 2023
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With the support of the Karl Schlecht Foundation and other sponsors, the aed 2023 is offering the ninth “neuland” interdisciplinary competition for young talent. Students and graduates of universities, academies and colleges who are not older than 28 years at the time of the closing date on March 31, 2023 are eligible to participate. There will be one gold prize winner in each of the five categories, who will receive prize money of 2,000 euros. The prize money is donated by Atelier Brückner, PHOENIX, German Design Council, studiokurbos and Werner Sobek. In addition, there are up to four recognitions per category. The winners will be honored and published at an award ceremony in early July.

An independent jury consisting of 20 recognized experts from the fields of architecture, engineering and design will decide on the awarding of the “neuland” sponsorship prize at the end of April 2023. The winners* of each category will be presented with the corresponding jury statements on www.aed-neuland.de (website is in German). Students can thus already present their first achievements from competitions for their applications.

neuland – Promotion of young designers

The orientation of the young designers’ competition “neuland” is deliberately cross-disciplinary. “The competition is intended to provide targeted support for outstanding young designers at the start of their professional careers. At the same time, the presentation of the award-winning works is intended to give the general public an insight into the breadth and diversity of design,” emphasizes the initiator, Silvia Olp. The competition for young designers has been organized by the aed since 2013.

Click here to go directly to the registration in German.

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