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The Set Table. Werkbund Day 2019

The dining table has always been a central meeting place in every home. Here the family gathers for breakfast or lunch, here people meet with friends, talk, eat, drink, or play together. Therefore, in both the Werkbund and in the Bauhaus style, the table was considered a “formative context”, which has been reflected in products and projects such as the Werkbund box or Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s “egg boiler”. Although many things have changed since then, today we still know how much eating together at a set table depends on how the food is produced, how it is cooked, when and where it is eaten – and hence how much it is influenced by creative questions and answers. Werkbund Day 2019 is addressing exactly these subjects: From 20 to 22 September 2019, under the motto The set table at the Bauhaus Dessau, it will examine the complex relationships of human coexistence in the present.

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