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TRIQBRIQ wooden building blocks for fast and sustainable construction

Even though wood is currently in short supply, it is considered one of the building materials of the future. It may come as a surprise that houses can now also be built from building blocks – almost like playing in a child’s room. TRIQBRIQs function similarly to Lego bricks. The elements of the system have a standard size of 30 by 30 cm, but vary in length between 30, 60 and 240 cm as required. The individual building blocks are simply stacked on top of each other and connected with wooden dowels, window and cable shafts are sawn out. Unlike other solid wood modules, TRIQBRIQs are made from weak and damaged wood, i.e. wood that is currently largely rotting in the forests. This not only makes TRIQBRIQ particularly inexpensive, but also binds CO2 already during transport, which would be produced during rotting. The sustainable building material, they say, relies “on saving grey energy through regional sourcing, environmentally friendly production and short transport routes”. The result is a resource-efficient, 100 % natural building material with a low CO2 footprint throughout the entire product life cycle.

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